Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun, Feathers and Frills at Hannah's

Undaunted by superstitions of bad luck on Friday the 13th, Havana Public Library District and Havana Hannah's decided to partner in hosting a special event -- A Fancy Nancy Tea Party, for young ladies between the ages of 3 and 10, who enjoy reading the popular "Fancy Nancy" books. Just who is "Fancy Nancy" you may wonder?.... Well, she's a small child who loves to dress in fancy things and use big words. She's a storybook character that encourages children to explore expanding their vocabulary and experiences through reading and make-believe.

The event proved to be of great interest to young readers who attended the event , with mothers, aunts and grandmothers in tow, dressed "to the nines", in their best feather boas, sequins, fishnet hosiery, frills, wings, and tiaras !
The event featured a story reading with guest reader Diane Stelter; craft activities; and tea and refreshments.

All in all an excellent time was enjoyed by everyone and for the next seven days, bits of glitter and feathers kept appearing here and there throughout the restaurant. Alice Fager, owner of the original hat and glove shop once operated in the building, would have been pleased to see so many ladies in such glamourous finery.


  1. Looks like fun Julie! McKenna and everyone told me it was great. I posted it on the Havana, IL page on Facebook! You need to get a group there for Havana Hannahs! Have a great day! Melanie Bleem

  2. Hi Melanie,
    Thanks for becoming my first "Follower" and for the kind comments. Although I've been experimenting with it for awhile this blogging thing is still a challenge for me, since I'm fairly inept with computers. I definitely need to do more with the internet to promotoe my business though. Thanks for the tip.

    Also, I see that the photo with your daughter got cut off somehow. I will ammend this and make sure she is on this so you can show her.

    Best Regards,